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How’s it going? I had to rush out the door this morning so I’m going to do a full day of eats tonight. just letting you know in case you’re dying for me to confirm that I ran this morning and ate eggs for breakfast .

More importantly than my obsessive online food diary is Weight Loss Wednesday and a Giveaway!!!
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My charming partner in the Pysch Ward: A Memoir – book Review
My charming partner in the Pysch Ward : A Memoir
by mark Lukach

Audio book review of the best selling memoir released 2017.

Is it a good listen?
I’m sharing a quick review of the book available on Audible.

From Amazon:

A heart-wrenching yet hopeful memoir of a young marriage that is redefined by mental health problem and affirms the power of love.

Mark and Giulia’s life together began as a fairy-tale romance. They fell in love at eighteen, got married at twenty-four, and started their dream life in San Francisco soon after. but when Giulia was twenty-seven, she suffered a scary and unexpected psychotic break that landed her in the psych ward for nearly a month. one day she was lively and well adjusted; the next, she was delusional and suicidal, convinced that her loved ones were not safe.

What book or podcast are you listening to now??

What must I listen to next?!

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Marathon training Day 4


I found this “Perfect day of weight loss” from from The Lean stomach diet by means of Fox news health and thought I’d share. I like that it’s not just about food (or a certain number of calories), but suggests activity and foods that help metabolism.

7 a.m. wake up and do 2 minutes of jumping jacks, high-knee skips, pushups, or crunches.

7:15 a.m. have two scrambled eggs and a slice of Canadian bacon. A 2009 Purdue university study found that a high-protein breakfast makes people feel fuller throughout the day, so they’re less likely to overeat.

7:45 a.m. hit the gym, and lower weights slowly. Taking 3 seconds to lower weights during full-body resistance training can rev your metabolism for up to 3 days, according to a Wayne state university study. (Study participants used a challenging weight for 5 sets of 6 repetitions for each exercise.)

9 a.m. drink some milk. A diet with plenty of calcium-rich dairy can enhance weight loss, according to a 2007 study of overweight people.

10 a.m. get hold of a protein-rich snack, like half a turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with Swiss cheese. In a Georgia state university study, athletes who ate three 250-calorie snacks a day were a lot more likely to lose body fat and have a lot more energy than those who didn’t.

11 a.m. walk briskly around the office/neighborhood/mall during your break. A recent Mayo clinic study found that lean people walk an average of 3 ½ miles a lot more per day than obese people do.

1 pm. For lunch, eat a spinach salad with grilled halibut and sliced almonds. All consist of magnesium, a metabolism-friendly mineral.

2 p.m.If your work meeting is with just one or two people, walk the halls as you talk.

4 p.m.Down a glass of iced green tea. According to a study in the Journal of Nutrition, the catechins in green tea decrease body fat.

5 p.m. have a handful of wasabi peas or some other fiery snack. According to a 2006 study review, spicy foods help burn fat and calories.

7 p.m.Take a short walk before dinner.

7:30 p.m. cenare. If you ate lightly today, don’t worry about having a heavier meal now: “It doesn’t matter when you fuel up; it’s how lots of gallons you put in the tank,” says Gary Foster, director of temple University’s center for Obesity research and Education.

9:30 p.m. get hold of a good book or magazine, turn on some tunes, and relax. anxiety jacks up your level of cortisol, a chemical that boosts abdominal fat.

Alle 22.30. draw your shades so the sun won’t rouse you early. According to a 2008 review, losing sleep affects the hormones that turn your appetite on and off, making you feel hungrier.


CLICK Giveaway

I don’t specifically drink protein shakes for weight loss, but I do take pleasure in them as a filling protein source that tastes like ice cream! and hopefully, less ice cream will do me good

The owner of CLICK protein powder recently heard about my search for the best protein powder and sent me over a container of CLICK Espresso protein Drink.

I used to only drink fruit flavored smoothies, but my passionate (often times inappropriate) feelings for iced coffee has opened my eyes to this new option and I loved it! I think the consistency is a little too icy, but the flavor is spot on. This would make a terrific Frappuccino substitute if that was your thing too.

Giveaway: The CLICK peeps are giving one full sized container of Mocha protein powder and a shaker cup to on RER reader.

You can aLSO Punta un campione gratuito sulla loro pagina Facebook.

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