Las vegas – minor details

since I am going to keep the major details on the down low, right here are the minor details of my vegas trip…

At one point I had to eat half a banana for a game. Don’t ask.
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Marathon training Day 3


Then, we had some many adult beverages as well as went out.

It was great times as well as I handled to ignore my foot pain (previously mentioned beverages helped).

For some reason we didn’t keep in mind to take many pics up until the end of the night when we were already sweaty.

Chi è questo ragazzo? as well as why didn’t I zoom in on my friends?

Today we ate at the Grand Lux cafe at the Venetian before we drove house to CA. Ha, look at this guy waving at the camera! now you’re on the Web buddy, who’s funny now? Hehe, I desire I told him to inspect out the blog ?

This location reminds me of Cheesecake factory as well as has a significant choice on the menu. I lastly decided on this salad with tuna.

We started with bread as well as I ended up eating two pieces.

I likewise ate one of the sushi rolls Susan ordered as an appetizer. Andava bene. I believe I just wasn’t in a sushi mood?

Here is my grand ensalada! It was significant as well as I liked it (that’s what she said).

Susan (who obviously is rather the poor food influence!) got an order of chocolate chip cookies. This dessert includes 12 freshly baked cookies in a to-go box.

Oh! let me just state Susan was right about these being quite amazing.

I flew into Las Vegas, however drove back house with a few girls. I realized exactly how much I miss all my great ol’ California road trips. You cannot beat this scenery!

I chosen up some snacks for the road:

Now I am barely hanging in. I didn’t do any type of exercise today, however my legs feel so tired from dancing last night in heels that I have no business wearing. up until next time Las Vegas…

Mi mancherai…

And so will Susan ?

(I don’t understand why we’re smiling here, we both just lost money.)

Weekend Food  in Review:

Overall, the weekend was extremely indulgent. I ate a great deal of higher calorie/higher fat foods as well as drank A LOT. as well as now I’m at my mom’s where I can commonly over-indulge as well. So, the plan is to:

1. walk everyday as well as do hip exercises as well as abs

2. No sweets as well as no eating after dinner

3. only whole foods for snacks

But – I am not going to beat myself up about the weekend either. I truly only drink a great deal for special occasions. as well as I do feel like most of my eats were consumed when I was hungry (there was some drunk munching in there as well though).

Oh bene. I had a blast as well as women weekends don’t occur extremely often!



La condivisione è la cura!







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