Feet on the Street–Two new Mizuno Runners

Hello! I proudly sport Mizuno running shoes so I was very thrilled when a company rep contacted me announcing two new pro runners to join the Mizuno team roster – Lindsay Flanagan and Sheree Shea.

I was able to interview the girls and because I know my readers want to know the ‘good stuff’ I asked these very fast ladies what they eat, how they run and suggestions on how to get faster… you’re welcome. Divertiti!
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RER:  What is your favorite distance to run on an easy day?

Flanagan: My favorite distance to run the day after a hard workout is an easy hour with 6-8 acceleration strides at the end. I typically feel a little sluggish the first few miles, but once I hit the halfway point, my body begins to loosen up and I feel like a real runner again-thank goodness! I like to end with a few strides to get my legs moving a bit, to work on my form, and spice up my run.

This is Lindsay Flanagan…

Shea: My favorite distance to run on an easy day is an hour followed by 8-12 100 meter acceleration “build up” strides. The hour length is ideal for hitting weekly mileage goals and establishing a foundation for racing longer distances. Strides following the hour run are vital to composure and perfecting running stride and form. Completing the strides in equal sets with a “cut down” implies getting slightly quicker with each one. Acceleration build up helps to build intensity in your stride and maintain quick turnover.

RER: What is your favorite distance to race? Come mai?

Flanagan:: My favorite distance to race is the half marathon; I’ve yet to run a full marathon so this answer may change in the near future. I love the momentum you acquire in a half marathon; you feel a little better with each mile and can pull the set off a little more. I have found the longer the distance, the much more I delight in the race, so the half is perfect. Also, the energy at half marathons is incredible; people of all different ability levels are simply ecstatic about taking on the 13.1.

Shea: My favorite distance to race is the 10k. It requires a special strength and patience to extend beyond a faster paced 5k option, both mentally and physically. I am very thrilled to transition up to the half marathon/marathon in the near future, as I feel this is an even better opportunity to take advantage of strength and finding a rhythm on the course.

Meet Sheree Shea…

RER: What do you do for stretching/cross training? how much time do you focus on it?

Shea: Stretching is vital post-workout. right away following, I complete a dynamic stretch routine that includes 20-30 second holds of each position. After stretching I have a foam roller routine as well. I spend on average 10-20 minutes following the workout, with giving special attention to those areas where I am fatigued.

RER: What is your go-to training shoe? Race shoe?

Flanagan:: The Mizuno Wave inspire is my go-to training shoes, no doubt about it! They have just the best amount of cushioning to keep my legs feeling fresh while putting in the miles. as for a racing shoe, I would have to say the Mizuno Wave Hitogami. It is pretty light weight, but still supportive enough for taking on long workouts and races.

Shea: I train in the Mizuno Wave Rider series, which is a neutral shoe. I have been wearing Mizuno shoes because I began running when I was eleven years old! I am a faithful fan for life! For racing, I wear the Mizuno Ekiden. It is ideal for road-racing as it is lightweight and fast.

RER: What is a common training day look like for you from wake up to sleep?

Flanagan: We typically have 3 harder days each week where we meet at 6 AM, to get our bodies adjusted to racing early. I typically am up and moving by 5:00 AM on these days, eating breakfast and downing that much needed coffee. After the session is over, I head back home to roll, stretch, ice bath, and take a beautiful nap. then I spend the afternoon relaxing, refueling, and viewing Orange Is The new Black-my go to Netflix show best now. around 3:00, I head out for my second run on Sligo Creek Trail, the most popular running/biking path in Silver Spring, MD. once I finish up there, I drive straight to the YMCA for weights and strength work. Food is my top priority after I am done working out, so I come home and make/eat dinner ASAP. After a day like this, I am in bed by about 9:30, a time the average person would find comically early, because hey, I have been running around all day!

She: On workout days, I am up before the sun at 5:30a.m. I eat a lightweight snack and have a cup of coffee on the way to the workout location. usually I am warmed up and ready to go by 6:30a.m, with the workout long lasting until just after 7:45a.m depending on length and the training cycle. Following, I stretch and foam roll for about 30 minutes while drinking chocolate milk and eating a post-workout snack. After hard efforts, I always fully submerge my legs and hips in an ice bath for 15 minutes. I eat a hearty breakfast of either greek yogurt/granola or a much more savory treat of egg whites, veggies and toast.

What this Elite Runner Eats

RER: What did you eat yesterday?

Flanagan: Pre-workout: before a workout I always eat a bowl of cereal, yesterday it happened to be Berry Kashi, with soymilk and a banana.

Post-workout: protein bar, some fruit, and a much needed electrolyte drink; workouts in 100% humidity make ya sweat!

Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, one of my favorite foods out there, strawberry Greek yogurt with raisins on top, and carrots with hummus

Pre-workout: bowl of Puffins Cereal and a few honey nut brown rice cakes

Post-workout: brown rice tortilla with hummus and apple

Dinner: chicken, kale, and red Pepper stir fry with brown rice and brussel sprouts

Snack: before I was off to bed, I made an oatmeal parfait with stovetop oats, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter-YUM!

How to get faster

RER:  What is your #1 suggestion for someone trying to get faster in a 10k or half marathon distance?

Flanagan: I firmly believe the best way to get faster is to incorporate a consistent long run into your weekly training. The long run builds endurance, power, strength, and mental toughness-which is essential when racing longer distances. picking up the pace the last few miles of a long run is a terrific way to stimulate a race and get the body used to running fast when fatigued.

Shea: Patience is the essential to success. Pacing workouts, building intensity, enhancing mileage steadily and racing strategically all require patience and consistency. With the proper nutrition and training plan, success will be imminent you just have to be patient!

Um. These girls seem like very fun! I kinda want to get 1000x faster so I can run/hang out with them!

You can follow the girls on twitter here: Flanagan  and   Shea

Question: What is one question you would ask an elite runner?

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