The best half Marathon Race Day suggestions

This weekend I got this question through Twitter – any guidance for a 1st time half marathon runner? It’s actually a pretty common question because the weeks before a race are taper (running less to rest) and you have plenty of time to worry about the miles ahead!

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The good news is RER is here to share some suggestions for your half marathon race! There are things to set you up for a successful and tension totally free race day so numerous of the suggestions focus on preparation – getting you to the start with a plan to be successful so you can delight in the day!

The best half Marathon Race Day Tips:

1. count on your training. show up confident that you with rock this! The miles and miles you’ve crossed off your list are done. Your body is ready. get your mind in the game too.

2. Make a race day logistics plan. look up packet pick up – where is it? do you need your id? do you need any other confirmation info?

Look up race day vehicle parking and the route. plan how you will get to the start. plan vehicle parking and if you’ll need money. plan where you’ll meet people after.

Pro tip: Leave plenty of time to park, hit the porta potties and get to the start line keeping in mind a lot of other people are doing the same!

3. coordinate with your cheer squad. If you are having pals and family come to the race figure out what mile they’ll be at so you don’t miss each other. give them an idea of your start time and when you’ll be at mile x.

Plan a location to meet at the finish. The finish line will probably be crowded. numerous races coordinate family meeting areas.

4. lay out your gear the night before. What are you going to wear from top to bottom? Lay everything out the day before so you are not scrambling and don’t forget anything.

5. Race research. look up the course map. check where the aid stations will be located. check what the energy drink or gels are in case you have a sensitive stomach and can’t just take what the race offers. If you are a seasoned runner make a race technique plan for how you’ll run and what you’re A, B and D goals are.

Now’s the time to back out of the race if you realize there is a enormous hill at mile 12 too!

6. have FUN! Running is a hobby! (*Unless you’re Kara Goucher and in that case… thank you for reading my blog I can die pleased now.)

You are doing this for FUN! delight in the run. delight in the start line. delight in every mile in between! You only get one chance to run your first half marathon!

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Question: If you had to forget one thing on the list what would you be prepared to sacrifice?

Me – Music. I don’t use chafe stuff, but I feel like that’s cheating to say something I don’t use anyway.

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