V Day up until the violence stops

happy Valentine’s Day! I started my day with a 6 mile run, 8:41 typical pace. I’m going to begin driving to flat ground, I just felt like I was going uphill forever.

Last night I came house to discover roses from Ben, he’s the guy I married. I am not a huge fan of flowers, however he is a charming as well as believes I’m just stating that. I’m not, however I don’t want to be a btch about it so I enjoy them. Well, vegas enjoys them the most…
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This morning I made my Valentine a special breakfast – heart shaped pancakes. Food fact: Sprinkles make any type of food taste better.

I don’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter so I just poured the batter into the pan carefully as well as made heart shapes. I was surprised that it worked!

Served up with strawberries as well as syrup. He liked it!

I started the blog soon after Ben as well as I started dating so long time visitors have seen a great deal of our connection right right here – engagement, wedding event planning, fighting, wedding, honeymoon, making babies…

Ben are not a couple that is thought about to autumn under the “opposites attract” classification – we both have extremely strong personalities. I believe people commonly presume since my character seems kinda strong that Ben is more passive. Non è il caso. We fight difficult as well as we like hard. as well as we work on our connection all the time.

We’ve been married two as well as half years now, together for four. I am extremely lucky to have him. happy Valentine’s Day Grizz!

V Day – ever heard of “V Day” the world wide motion to produce understanding as well as end violence toward women? I keep in mind very first reading about this in college (I believe in Marie Claire?). I was shocked to discover about exactly how typical rape, violence, slavery as well as female genital mutilation are in our world today. It’s a extremely unfortunate subject, however things only modification if we acknowledge them as well as talk about exactly how we can help.

Checkout the VDay site right here as well as see if there is an event in your area.

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La condivisione è la cura!







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