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Usually, RER is pretty light hearted, but I thought I’d use this post to talk about something very serious…

Police found the body of a girl believed to be Chelsea King yesterday. She is the 17 year old  who went  on a run last week in the San Diego area and never came home.  The suspect believed to be responsible is in custody.
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You can read a news story about it here or here.

After her body was found my dad, my Nina and my mom all brought it up to me since I run by myself too. They wanted to know what I do to make sure I am careful and safe when I run or walk solo.

E tu sai cosa? even after watching the news stories about her being missing and police arresting a suspect, I didn’t for one second stop and think, “Wow, I run by myself too. It could have been me.”

But it could have been me or you and I think we all need to be reminded to be more careful every time we run.

The reality is she was not running in a desolate area, but a public trail with other runners. probably places similar to where you and I run.

I am just trying to urge you to be more cautious. I have some defense mechanisms I take with me on runs and I always stay on marked paths and trails, but being aware of you surroundings is of vital importance too.

Tips for a safer run:

1. Pepper spray – I actually found a good one that has a strap for your hand at my local running shoe store.

2. Run with a partner – this isn’t always an option, but you can run during popular running hours and try to stay near other runners.

3. Make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Ogni volta.

4. Kick him in the balls – self explanatory.

5. Don’t run in desolate areas or before or after dark.

6. Bring your dog or boyfriend on a bike ?

7. If you run with music – lower it so you can hear someone coming up on you.

Keep running, just be safe about it ?

Question: Do you have any tips on how we can be safer when we’re walking or running outside? Per favore condividi nei commenti.


I actually ended up really scoring a good dinner at the Salt Lake City airport!

I found a pub that had multiple vegetarian and vegan offerings and was all over it.

Since I was in a rush by the time I found this place I didn’t have time to dilly-dally and take my time looking at the menu. I made a quick choice and ordered a wrap – dressing on the side.

Yum! It was good, but they were a little low-cost with the tofu and it was mostly ice berg lettuce in here. Oh well at least it’s a better choice than most other offerings.

I had the option of chips with salsa or carrots and celery for a side. I went with the chips because I had already had a good amount of veggies today. but – I right away felt guilty about it ? I told Ben I got chips instead of veggies and he said, “Good for you. sometimes it feels good to take charge of your life and order what you want.”

Lui è così carino ? Mi manca…

I think I fly for the free diet Coke – don’t judge. Okay, I fly because I love to travel and check out my family, but I do love me some sody! now I better get some email stuff done before my battery wears out. I love having Internet on planes, just wish I didn’t have to pay for it (this ish was $10.00 each way! ).

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